Nanoscale Science and Engineering

PhD Students, post-doctoral fellows, young researchers, assistant-professors, you are welcome to attend the first multidisciplinary NanoX summer school, from 15th June to 10th July 2020 in Toulouse, France


Key informations

  • 16 attendees per week

  • Free of charge – only 100€ of registration fees for participants from academic institutions*, including attendance to the lectures and tutorials, coffee breaks, and accommodation costs

  • Please apply on the Application page AND send ASAP your CV, a cover letter and an acceptance letter from your supervisor (PhD students or Post-doctoral fellows) to

    *Courses also available for continuing professional development ("formation continue"). Please contact for more information.

Educational committee

R. Axet (LCC), J. Billy (LCAR), J. Cuny (LCPQ), I. Del Rosal (LPCNO), M. Respaud (AIME), K. Soulantika (LPCNO), B. Urbaszek (LPCNO)
Chairs: X. Marie (LPCNO),  R. Poteau (LPCNO)
Online user: 2